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by Yumi

Lithe Paralogue A gaze that seared utter; unsaid blemished sky, wraithing kites a deafened cry, a heavy sigh Reaper with scythe, trough of blood Yelled; it yearns the only thing with shine the scythe in fading light Reaper with scythe, black cloak engulfs the sky Hopeful thoughts we keep world without a choice people without voice sleeper, dreamer, hoax
Murmur 03:34
Murmur The murmur The humming of winds from dusk, chilling to the bone A murder of crows sweep the grey skies in flight, slowly smothering the light Once smooth and lush the flesh has turned to mush Its as if time accepts its duty to make, decline Pinned hopes in thes things gold, will it shine till we grow old?
Tenants of The Weak Against the tide Currents drag me off the coastal lines Arms are flailing, intentional, in spite Final glance of his sickened smile The liquid salt fills up my lungs A methaphor of the frail mind The terror of the rest of my live beckons Here's a toast to wavering pipe dreams and hopelessness
Sedate (Interlude) The hollow resonance that came through the dark hallway Evokes a sense of calm detached from thought.
Hook, Line and Sinker Maybe, this too shall pass He holds to that glimmer of hope as they are pushed towards the sea Flashback to 24 hours ago, the night sky filled with hues of orange, yellow, red Cries of hysteria from the shock and the fear Cries of hysteria scrambling to find the people so dear The roots of damnation pass on through us, hypnotized children say in God we trust Exploiting on their innocence Sons, daughters lost For a cause in vain, feeding the ego Of self righteous tyrants Flailing arms, charred remains, replacing what it should be The calm of dusk broken by the heat and the flames
Cold and Silver Dumbed down by the empty promises "I've lived a perfect life" Just a facade The colours that they paint on the canvas made out of skin and bone "Forgive me," he sneered with his suit and his tie He took out lone bullet, Cold and silver A blank gaze Pushed it in the barrel Walking, breathing but all dead brainwashed Indoctrinate the masses I exist for you to desist Sow the seeds of lies, deceit The fruit from the bloom, bittersweet The cult of the oppressed takes form
Epoch 04:47
Epoch As the trees shed their leaves The Crisp air grows cold Flowers wither two seasons past it's bloom A scene of dread but all was not forgotten just forged anew. The cycle never ends, the chain never break Existing in the now and the past The future, bound Branches reach towards the sun Bountiful yields Salvation of a thousand times Death just as many


2nd Album by Yumi

"So this is it! We present to you EPOCH, the 2nd album release by Yumi! Our last record was released more than 2 years ago under Dog Knights Productions, followed by an unforgettable tour to Taiwan and Japan. With so many ups and downs throughout these few years, we're proud to say our 2nd album has come to fruition and we're really excited to share it with the world." Anvea

Released April 4, 2017

LITHE RECORDS 005 - litherecords.bandcamp.com

Music composed by Yumi
Mimi, Anvea, Dyn, Darell and Kento
Previous members on record
Suhayl and Zad

Recorded by Tarmizee Taksen at Lithe House (2015) and Wong Ah Boy at TNT Studio (2017)
Mixed and Mastered by Axel Ante of Outrage Recordings, Singapore


released September 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Yumi Singapore

Yumi is a screamo band from Singapore.

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